Dr. Lukas Finschi

Welcome! I am Lukas Finschi. This page is about my studies at ETH Zurich and my mathematical research at the Institute for Operations Research (IFOR), including research and a catalog of oriented matroids.

E - mail lukas . finschi (_AT_) alumni . ethz . ch

Research and Studies

1992 - 1997   Studies of Mathematics at ETH Zurich:
Topics of special interest were, among others,
  • Operations Research (Discrete and Continuous Optimization, Game Theory, Simulation, Scheduling and Planning),
  • Algorithmics (Computer Algebra, Algorithmic Geometry, Artificial Intelligence),
  • Algebra, Number Theory, Combinatorics.
In particular I wrote a term paper and my diploma thesis at IFOR.
1995 - 1996   Auxiliary Assistance at the Institute for Operations Research (IFOR):
Several smaller research projects, specifically
1997 - 2001   Ph.D. Thesis
supervised by Prof. Dr. H.-J. Lüthi and Prof. Dr. K. Fukuda.

Publications and Reports

1996-04-16   An Implementation of the Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm
1996-07-05   Semesterarbeit (Term Paper):
Ablaufplanung einer Fertigungszelle
1996-09-23   Quasi-Monte Carlo: An Empirical Study on Low-Discrepancy Sequences
1997-02-28   Diploma Thesis:
Randomized Pivot Algorithms in Linear Programming
1997-08-22   Randomized Pivot Algorithms in Linear Programming
1998-09-10   Towards a Unified Framework for Randomized Pivoting Algorithms in Linear Programming
with Komei Fukuda and Hans-Jakob Lüthi,
appeared in:
Operations Research Proceedings 1998 (Zurich), Springer, Berlin, pp. 113-122 (1999)
2000-01-31   Cocircuit Graphs and Efficient Orientation Reconstruction in Oriented Matroids
with Eric Babson and Komei Fukuda,
appeared in:
European Journal of Combinatorics 22 (5), pp. 587-600 (2001)
2000-10-31   Generation of Oriented Matroids - A Graph Theoretical Approach
with Komei Fukuda,
appeared in:
Discrete & Computational Geometry 27, pp. 117-136 (2002)
2001-04-06   The Da Silva-Fukuda Conjecture on an Extension of the Sylvester-Gallai Theorem
with Komei Fukuda
2001-04-30   Complete Combinatorial Generation of Small Point Configurations and Hyperplane Arrangements
with Komei Fukuda,
appeared in:
Proceedings of the 13th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, August 13-15, pp. 97-100 (2001)
2001-08-31   Dissertation (PhD Thesis):
A Graph Theoretical Approach for Reconstruction and Generation of Oriented Matroids
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